Teaching Vocabularly: Providing an Academic Lifeline


How is vocabulary integrated into your reading and writing composition curricula? I am constantly searching for new ways to incorporate vocabulary. Ideally, it would be great to spend at least 15 minutes per class period on vocabulary-building activities with my writing and reading students. I learned something new when I integrated vocab-building into my classroom teaching. Students are excited to hear new words.

That is why I have decided to spend more time crafting vocabulary building activities into my Spring semester courses. In the meantime, I recommend all of my students get a copy of The Ultimate Book of Words Students Should Know, the text that I use to build vocabulary.

I shared a few words from the “A” section of this book with my current students. I noticed two things: they were completely and totally silent as a read the words. The exception was when some students asked for clarification. And at least one student seemed to like to predict the next vocabulary word on on the list.

It is too early for me to tell how these activities impact students’ overall learning and comprehension, but I do know that my students are excited about filling their notebook with new words from this book.


Author: Gail Taylor

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