Dreamers Mobilize at Downtown LA’s Traction Avenue for LA .GOV and FWD.us Open-Source Data Event






















LOS ANGELES — Web developers, government officials, tech start-up entrepreneurs, and issue-advocates converged on Traction Avenue’s Hub LA for a Hack LA event. The event happened Tuesday, May 26th, days before the start of Immigrant Heritage Month. Also, Hack LA, or Hack for LA, kicks off the LA Hackathon in June, the same month as Immigrant Heritage Month. 

The Hackathon is a chance for web developers, designers, and civic-minded people to raise awareness about issues benefitting the common good. Tuesday night’s event also fit the rising theme of civic engagement that is a hallmark of LA culture.

Hosts from FWD.us, a co-event planner, rallied attendees to the cause of immigration reform vowing not to give up in the wake of disappointing news that a Texas Appeals Court blocked President Obama’s initiatives to build a path to citizenship for millions living in the United States.



Author: Gail Taylor

Welcome to Altscholar. Cultural Studies | Digital Humanities | Issue Advocacy

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