Obama’s Proposal: Free College Tuition for Willing Workers

Should President Obama create a college/university rating system? In the past, he has stated that his administration is developing such a plan. This plan to rate colleges and universities could coincide with his executive order to make two years of community college freefor those willing to work for it“.

I think such a proposal seems like a good idea. Many who want to attend college, find it financially challenging. Yet, traditionally, it is thought that by attaining a college degree, one can also increase one’s chances of earning more over one’s life-time.

What remains to be seen is how easily colleges and universities can adapt to such a progressive proposal as two cost-free years of community college.


Collaborative Learning

A community of learners in a beginning English Composition course at a California community college created this colorful “talk back” board after analyzing selected excerpts from a book. This is one example of a student learning outcome (SLO) involving reading, summarizing, analyzing, and evaluating text.